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Matthew Tobin

by mds on February 14, 2017 Comments Off on Matthew Tobin

We chose Steve after reading the other reviews and were very impressed. A thorough report arrived on the same day as our inspection, which was immediately followed up with a text message inviting me to call him to discuss the report in more detail once we had a chance to read it. The report and follow up conversation gave us confidence in the house we were buying, but also highlighted a few issues we can easily rectify after settlement that we otherwise might have missed.

In our case, Steve’s experience as a builder in the local area proved very valuable, as he was able to talk to the owner/builder in some detail regarding the house’s construction.

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mdsMatthew Tobin

Jools Wood

by mds on March 1, 2016 Comments Off on Jools Wood

Steve from Surfcoast Building Inspections is a gem! He is a self-confessed “fussy” builder who catalogued the complete list of complicated issues in the house I was about to buy. Thank goodness for Steve! I would otherwise have been left with a lemon of a house, notwithstanding its considerable “wow factor” internally. He explained the written report in an hour-long conversation with me, he was punctual and always returned phone calls, texts and emails very promptly. Fantastic value for money! I will definitely use him the next time I fall in love with a house on the surfcoast.Thanks, Steve from Surfcoast Building Inspections!

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mdsJools Wood